Partners and collaborators

Center for Evolutionary Leadership

Manuel Manga, Director of the Center for Evolutionary Leadership, is our partner in the design and delivery of the Evolutionary Leadership for Sustainability program. Manuel is an organizational design consultant and leadership coach with vast international experience. He brings to the programs a wealth of knowledge in systems thinking, sustainability, language and collaboration, while balancing humor, insight, and deep humanity. . We love working with Manuel—it is a real delight.

Three Point Vision

Miriam Karell, founder of Three Point Vision, is our partner in the design and delivery of the Championing Sustainability workshop. Miriam holds a Master's degree in "Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability" from Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden. She has been trained in Integral Theory, Systems Thinking, The Natural Step, strategic business management, and environmental engineering. This diverse, inclusive bakground means Miriam has the capacity to bridge theory and practice, and to translate complex concepts into simple messages. Miriam integrates creativity, community and consciousness in all she does, and it is wonderful to have her on our team.