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The Path e-Mission is a blog that contains action-sparking ideas of today for tomorrow. In this journal we share reflections and perspectives derived from our experiences working and learning at Syntony Quest.

Beyond “Sustainability as Usual”

Real solutions will only come about if we can get beyond “sustainability as usual” and reexamine fundamental questions about how we relate to the world, and to each other. We need to mind the gap between what we say and what we do, we should not be willing to continue to live fragmented lives.

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Dancing the Path

As we reflect on what this year brought us, we can’t but marvel at the abundance of opportunities to practice what we teach, to expand our boundaries, and to lead into the unknown. The gifts of this year’s journey have been many, and for them we are deeply grateful.

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Winter Solstice

As the Winter Solstice approaches and we near the end of 2008, we would like to share with you some reflections that can be summed up in the three words Gratitude, Hope and Commitment.

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Systems thinking and systems practice in Latin America

I had the honor to participate in two systems events in Latin America in the past 2 weeks. The first event at the end of October was the 4th Brazilian Systems Congress that took place in the city of Franca, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The second event in Mexico City, during first week of November, was the 3rd Regional Reunion of ALAS - the Association of Latin American Systems, where researchers from Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba and Peru participated. My experience in these systems conferences is that they are very similar to family reunions: encounters of friends and colleagues in a warm and celebratory way.

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Learning in Conversation

here is no doubt: I learn better through conversation. Dialogue means “thinking together,” so when I have the opportunity to be with people with diverse perspectives and experiences, that thinking together is incredibly productive. That’s what I experienced again in our most recent learning conversation. The topic was “Evolutionary Leadership for Sustainability: a learning conversation among practitioners” hosted it at Saybrook Graduate School a week ago. We set it up as a space for organizational practitioners in the sustainability field – consultants, educators, change agents – to reflect together and share knowledge, insights and questions.

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