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Our mission


To design new ways of working, learning, and living that embody social and environmental integrity.

Our work is informed by an evolutionary systems perspective that seeks to foster life-affirming, future-creating, and opportunity-increasing possibilities. Just like in gardening, we are committed to first creating the fertile conditions where growth is possible. Then we sow the seeds of change, helping organizations and communities of all kinds engage in collaborative learning, design and action. The harvest is deep, enduring transformation.

It's important to note that in our work sustainability is not considered an end point. We see the challenge of sustainability as simply the next stage in the evolution of our global human civilization. As a living, ongoing process, the quest for syntony is an exploration of our human creativity in conscious partnership with Earth.

What kind of organization is Syntony Quest?

Technically, we are a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit. Syntony Quest combines the mission-driven and social purpose of a nonprofit organization with the professional orientation and entrepreneurial spirit of a business. As a result, Syntony Quest is a socio-ecological enterprise, seeking to integrate healthy organizational practices that foster innovative, ethical solutions for a better future.

Syntony Quest's work is about questioning the assumptions, values and beliefs that support our unsustainable social civilization, and creatively re-learning how to design institutions, communities and cultures in harmony with nature.

Syntony Quest is more than a "think tank". Working toward sustainability and beyond integrates think, learn, link and do components, each equally important.


We conduct research on the mind-set, skill-set and heart-set that is required to evolve our human systems.


We offer educational programs to develop the awareness, literacy, competencies and practices that will enable individuals and groups to design social systems embodying social and environmental integrity.


We connect individuals, communities and organizations to create evolutionary learning communities, and bring people together to collaborate in the creation of new possibilities.


We integrate our think-learn-link capacities in the design and implementation of evolutionary development projects. Through these projects, we support the progress of organizations and communities toward sustainability by applying our knowledge base, educating, and building community. These projects usually have a social entrepreneurship component.


Our story


Syntony Quest was founded in 1998... but our story started before. Learn about the unfolding of the ideas and commitments that have shaped Syntony Quest.

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